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hilft Ihnen, Ihre Einzigartigkeit
     mutig und kraftvoll zu leben.
begleitet Sie zu einer
     erfüllten Partnerschaft.
lässt Sie Ihr Herz für
     Ihren Partner öffnen.
lässt Sie die Seele
     Ihres Kindes erfassen.
öffnet den Zugang zur
     Einzigartigkeit Ihres Kindes.
hilft, den Selbstfindungsprozess
     Ihres Jugendlichen
          verständnisvoll zu begleiten.
schafft Verständnis für Ihre
     Biographie und Versöhnung
          mit der eigenene Familie.
hilft Ihnen, Ihre Berufung
     zu finden und zu leben.
begleitet Sie zur erfolgreichen
     Führung Ihres Unternehmens.
bietet Möglichkeiten für eine
     harmonische und produktivitäts-
          fördernde Teamgestaltung.
Die Psychologische Numerologie nach Dr. Mazza ®

Psychological Numerology: Know yourself and live your uniqueness!

Become a numerology professional yourself with our training Psychological Numerology Here you get a short overview of the variety of the method Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ®. The stylized arc is designed like a path that leads you from the introduction to this fascinating discipline to the professional practice of Psychological Numerology Psychologische Numerologie Einführung Begeisterte Frau © Yuri Arcurs Photograph – Fotolia


Here you can learn more about the Areas of application of Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazzaand also about the contents that make up the diversity of this method of personality analysis. We have a short video (9 min.) introducing the method: Furthermore, we offer you here an introductory lecture in the most important numbers of Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ®


At Blog you can deepen your personal numbers and benefit from the assistance of Psychological Numerology for your personal growth. Especially the Articles about life numbers in the field of personality are highly recommended. In addition, our blog posts with many impulses and rituals will help you to more strength and inner balance.


In our Newsletter you will find, besides the latest news about training dates, book releases, etc. always exciting articles about psychological numerology, psychology, personality development and also interesting articles about the time quality ofthecurrent monthSign up for our newsletter!As an opening gift you will receive free of charge a comprehensive magazine on the life numbers. One more reason to subscribe to our newsletter are the personal recommendations of each life number, which you will receive regularly with our newsletter. This will give you valuable impulses to successfully shape the current month.

Numerology Calculator with Numeroscope PDFs

With the Psychological Numer ologyonline calculator or Numeroscope calculator you can calculate all your numbers from our books Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® Volume 1 and Volume 2 yourself and read the corresponding short descriptions free of charge or look up and read each of your numbers using the specified page in the book In the paid modules of the calculator it is possible to calculate a whole numeroscope with detailed descriptions (with about 45-50 pages A4 in the short version and 90-120 pages A4 in the long version) for your numbers and generate a nicely designed PDF from it. Afterwards you can print this out yourself, in order to have so an attractive document for the self-study – or also as gift for friends Here you can find the Numerology Calculator. The premium version with the possibility to generate numeroscopes as PDF (for a fee) is online since January 2020! Here is a Introduction to the launch of the new version of our numerology calculator:


Furthermore, you can deepen your numerological and psychological knowledge with our four Psychological Numerology Books courses to deepen your knowledge.

Seminars and workshops

For those who want to go even more in depth, the path then leads to participation in Workshops, seminars or webinars, to concretely learn the practical application of Psychological Numerology.


If you want to work professionally in the future as a Systemic Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza Coach, we offer a well-founded Training to learn and practice this profession successfully and effectively.

Licensed consultant

If you have completed your professional training as a Systemic Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Ma zza Coach and you meet our quality criteria, you can start your own business and licensed consultant become a coach. This way you can benefit from all the advantages offered by the qualified network of licensed consultants of Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza .

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